Building Structure

A.      Administrative Block / Room

S.No.ParticularSizeNo. Of Rooms
1Principal Room16’ X 18’01
2College Office16’ X 18’01
3Examination Control Room23’ X 28’01
4Faculty Chamber Room24’ X 36’01
5Computer Lab23’ X 35’02
6Home science Lab24’ X 40’01
7Geography Lab24’ X 40’01

B.      Academic Class Room

S.No.ParticularSizeNo. Of Rooms
1Class Room24’ X 36’09
2Class Room23’ X 28’04
3Class Room30’ X 20’03
4Class Room16’ X 18’03
5Library and Reading Room59’ X 39’01

C.      Welfare and other Facilities

S.No.ParticularSizeNo. Of Rooms
1Student Union Room11’ X 18’01
2Sports Room23’ X 28’01
3Generator Room11’ X 18’01
4Drinking Water Hut (including water cooler) Three Ground Floor & First Floor04
5Common Room / Assembly Hall59’ X 39’01

E.  Other Details

1 N.S.S. ROOM 1
2Watchman Residence 1
3Strong Room (in Principal Room) 1
4Sweeper Quarter1
5Urinals, Latrine, Bathroom, Separately for Girls 1
6For Staff6
7Cycle Stand
8Examination Conducting Capacityfor 650 Examinees at a time